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How does one go about generating a creative corridor in Washington, DC?

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH)DC Creates! Public Art Program has determined to answer this question from a district standpoint with its new “Interactive H Street” project, establishing a 14-block creative corridor along H Street NE and creating a framework for civic innovation, activation of dormant real estate, and creative business incubation. In this way, DCCAH hopes to make H Street a specific arts destination for locals and tourists alike.

So how is DCCAH making this happen? Find out more HERE.

Before he became a world-renowned artist, Chuck Close spent his childhood conjuring tricks. He would don the traditional top hat and cane of a magician for his performance but he had an unusual finale.

“I broke the cardinal rule of magic and I told people how the trick was done,” he said Wednesday during an intimate discussion at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. “If you still see the illusion after it is made, then you’ve really done something.”

Find out more from Brendan Smith, HERE.


Ready to Make the Leap?
Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 5:00 – 7:30 pm*

916 G Street, NW Washington, DC 20001

Are you outgrowing your home office? Ready for a legit mailing address for that upcoming grant application? Tired of having board meetings in your living room? Small arts organizations and creative businesses are always short on space – not to mention staff and money. Join Cultural Development Corporation (CuDC), Flashpoint and Source resident organizations and special guests for a discussion on creative, shared work space. Find out what you should know before you make the leap to a new space – and how being a part of a creative office environment can help increase your revenue and divide your work load.

Part I: Roundtable Discussion on Creative Work Space
What are the real benefits and challenges of a shared work space?
How can I make the move to a shared office?
What does Flashpoint have to offer?
What other resources are available to me?
Part II: Behind-the-Scenes tour of Flashpoint with resident organization Solas Nua

Part III: Flashpoint Incubator Open House: meet resident organizations, CuDC staff members and other creative entrepreneurs who are interested in shared work space. We will have ice cream (because it’s HOT outside) and beer (because – why not?).

*Bonus: Anyone who attends this event will receive one month free residency when they sign a year-long contract.

Michael Bigley, Program Officer, The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Rebecca Moudry, Business Development Specialist, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development
Linda Murray, Artistic Director, Solas Nua (Flashpoint Resident Organization)
Mark Chalfant, Artistic & Executive Director, Washington Improv Theater (Source Resident Organization)

Cost: FREE! RSVP to

Questions? Email or call 202.315.1321

We have two free tickets to the premiere of an incredible, experimental dance production by DC creative Kelly Bond.

As a part of the Capital Fringe Festival, ecclectic DC choreographer and performing artist Kelly Bond will premiere Elephanton Wednesday, July 14 at 8pm. Pink Line Project correspondent Kate Mattingly has already hailed Bond’s contemporary performance work as “jarring and insightful” on the cultural blog “Widening the I.” It is definitely a can’t-miss production!

Chuck Close is amazing. I’ve enjoyed his work in the past but I realize now that I never really understood or appreciated the complexity and difficulty of printmaking until now. The images he creates are beautiful. No doubt about it. But it bowled me over to see this exhibit and learn what it takes to make the work. This morning, I got the opportunity to walk through his new exhibit at the Corcoran with him and listen to him explain the awe-inspiring process of printmaking and the many methods of printmaking he uses and the ways in which he pushes the limits of printmaking to invent new methods. What’s so remarkable about this show is that it displays the process alongside the finished product. You see how the sausage is made. And even though you see the process, and even though you see how the magic trick is done, it’s still mystifying and awesome.

Find out more, HERE.

We are ready to start the countdown clock for the LottoHEART Game Show this weekend in Rehoboth Beach. 200 small (5″ x 7″) works of art have been created by artists in support of CAMP Rehoboth. You might recognize the work of some of your favorite artists, but we won’t tell you whose is which until after the event. Pick what you love!

We hope to see you there, but if you can’t come to the Saturday night event, you can still be a winner. Please buy an Art Ticket and be a player by Proxy. Each work is $100.

This year, we added a new feature: you can view all the art up front, select up to 10 favorites, rank them in order (favorite on top!), and someone will play as your Proxy if you are unable to attend the event.

We’ll try our best to get your top favorite. From the feedback we received last year, it should work out for you. But it’s a lottery, so you takes your chances! You will be able to pick up your art from the CAMP Rehoboth office after July 4th. Or make other arrangements.

1) Buy your Art Ticket online at:
Or phone 302-227-5620 – tell them its for Proxy Play!

2) Use the web gallery to see the art, link to the participating artist list, rank your favorites, and place your proxy.

a) select your favorites
b) determine your preferred order
c) submit your proxy (rank up to 10 pieces).

Buy your Art Ticket online at:
Or phone 302-227-5620 – tell them its for Proxy Play!

Go to the Web Gallery <> and start your Proxy Program now! There is plenty of art to love.

More about the great work of CAMP Rehoboth at

Artist Anita Glesta is not new to public art projects – she specializes in creating large-scale, international public art projects with particular focus on historical events. She created the site-specific Yurong Water Gardens project in downtown Sydney, Australia in 1994 and later created Pedazos, a response to 9/11, in the open-air courtyard at Black & White Gallery in Williamsburg.

Find out more HERE.

There are twenty five more images in Exquisite Corpse and I wish I could touch on all of them, but if I did I would have a novelette on my hands!  Exquisite Corpse tests the limits and exposes the imagination of twenty eight extremely accomplished photographers. It’s not everyday that a contemporary exhibition is based around a method originated by group of Surrealists eighty five years ago.

More from Tara Heuser, HERE.

For the second week of Source Festival, we’re presenting four new Artistic Blind Dates – the result of three months of group collaboration between 12 artists (all CCF Grantees) from different disciplines. This year we’re featuring choreographers, installation artists, musicians, a filmmaker and more. We have productions ranging from the deconstruction of Death of a Salesman to the exploration of an urban legend. Behind the scenes info and play descriptions may all be found on the Artistic Blind Dates section of our Festival website.
Because we’re featuring so many different types of artists here, we want to reach a really diverse audience. We’d love if you could reach out to your networks (blog posts, emails or tweets) with a special discount code and point them to our Festival site to purchase tickets.
·         Site (info and ticket purchasing):
·         Discount code: BFF