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Image: Josh Cogan

What the heck is Jeffry Cudlin up to now?  Find out HERE.

Image: Tim Ryan

Tara Heuser spent the evening with Sericulture HERE.

Leslie Maxwell writes about a great exhibit at the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum HERE.

Image: Max Cook

Find out why Don Russell deserves the Herb White award from DCAC HERE.

Great project from Mary Coble about water HERE.

The latest issue of the DC arts commissions online journal Art202 contains a beautiful video that features some pretty great DC artists HERE.

Find out how to follow Yves Klein on Twitter on Facebook from the great beyond HERE.

Image: Vincent Gallegos

Cabaret Voltaire returns thanks to collaboration between Washington Project For the Arts and Pink Line Project.  Read Ellyn Weis’ review of the first Cabaret re[Re]Voltaire on May 10 HERE.

Pop-up art galleries aren’t just good for cutting the hard costs of running a gallery.  It’s also part of the experience of seeing art.  Read more HERE.

Find out why two very interesting people think the Artisphere is inspiring and different HERE.