Vicious, destructive, direct, inspiring, affirming: feedback comes in all different shapes and sizes.

An exhibit that recognizes the value – and potency – of feedback is now on view at Transformer Gallery. It is called E7: Tetrad and is the latest installment of the gallery’s “Exercises for Emerging Artists,” an annual peer critique and mentorship program launched in 2004.

On Wednesday when I walked into Transformer I was intrigued by how different the two works appeared: Reuben Breslar has created an image out of blue painter’s tape, black sticks and red yarn; Jennifer DePalma has made 25 pairs of drawings of rectangles of wood. The artists were selected for the project by Page Carr who served as this year’s mentor. On view from July 23 to August 14 will be artists Treva Elwood and Adam Dwight. For three months these four artists met regularly with Carr and were visited by artists Billy Colbert and Molly Springfield as well as Andrea Pollan, director of the Curator’s Office.

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