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Carmen Herrera’s bus finally arrived. Read about her inspiring story HERE.

Art of the Soul: A Woman’s View of Sexism & Oppression

Feb 12-28, 2010
Art of the Soul
486 K Street, NW
Washington, DC
Presented by Fever Couture
Sponsored by Hamiltonian Gallery and Albus Cavus

If oppression was art, what would it feel like? If sexism was art, what would it look like? Art of the Soul is an exhibition of the feelings, thoughts, and prejudices of those often unheard, in this event, women! Since the Victorian age, women have been a target of sin and disgracefulness, an oppression that has affected our sexuality, self-esteem, and character. Through the collaboration of fashion and visual arts, this event will educate the public on issues affecting women that are often deemed “inappropriate” to talk about.

This 18 day exhibit will explore the prevalence of female injustice present in our community. Our collaborative event will strive to facilitate communal dialogue surrounding female related issues and explore ways we can contribute to overturning these injustices, both collectively and individually. Art of the Soul will highlight and discuss the topics of self-esteem, judgment, sexism, AIDS, beauty, domestic violence, FGM (female genital mutilation), and many other issues affecting women.

What we are seeking are visual artists of all disciplines; painting, sculpture, photography, film, etc. to take part in this movement. Art of the Soul will be featured in a unique space in downtown Washington, DC with over 1200 sq ft. of wall space, large windows for display, and heavy foot traffic. We have paired up with local and national organizations, Hamiltonian Gallery, and Albus Cavus organization/artist collective, to gear this exhibit towards success.

Be a part of something great by becoming an Art of the Soul featured artist. You have the option to sell or auction your art and take part in our opening reception with over 150 expected guest where you can discuss your work, network, or explore future opportunities in the DC metropolitan area. With programming scheduled within the space throughout the life of the exhibit, Art of the Soul is more than just a collection of art but a voice for women and all others that have been oppressed.

If interested or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact Kaira Johnson at Also, if you know any organizations or persons that would like to organize a program or workshop under the Art of the Soul, please forward this information! Let’s build to unite!

One man’s contemplation on Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party” reveals some interesting ideas HERE.

Great photography exhibit at the Mexican Cultural Institute HERE.

Jeffry Cudlin assesses the year in art in DC and finds that museums tried to become relevant and popular HERE.


Still looking for a clever holiday gift for someone who has everything? Check out Civilian Art Projects’ store of artist-made goods.

With prices ranging from $5 to $200, you are sure to find a unique artist made gift for that special person for the holidays. Avoid the over-crowded stores full of junk made by people you don’t know and come to Civilian where your shopping will not only benefit your recipient, it will benefit artists and a great gallery.

Goodies include:

Ties, T-shirts, and other wearables by our favorite crafty gal Kristina Bilonick.
Gig posters by Bad People, Good Things aka John Foster .
Fisticuffs – the coolest recycled leather bracelets this side of Burning Man!
Books & Postcards by amazing photographer Cynthia Connolly.
Cards and other super cool items by Dirty Pictures.
Paintings and drawings by DC-based Erick Jackson.
Works on paper by Kate McGraw and Ann Tarantino from Workbook from her project with The Pink Line at Flashpoint Gallery.

Did you first encounter the Phillips on a memorable date? Or know someone else who did?

Do you know some romantic soul who chose Luncheon of the Boating Party as the joyous backdrop for the perfect proposal?

Have you listened as a friend recounted their Artful Evening/Phillips after 5 love connection for the thousandth time?

We need your help! Lore and legend abounds about romance at The Phillips Collection. Duncan and Marjorie, intimacy and art—interpersonal connection is at the core of the Phillips story. But we want proof. If you or someone you know have had a Phillips love connection, live in the DC metro area, and would be willing to share that story with the Phillips on video, please contact Cecilia Wagner at 202-387-2151 x235 or at your earliest convenience.

Those with stories to share will be invited to the Phillips in January. At that time, we will record high definition videos of these brief interviews. Given enough response, the videos will be edited together and posted on YouTube in time for Valentine’s Day.

Enter the “Snowball Firing Squad” arty contest HERE.