Are you really pissed off about the economy but feeling seriously helpless? Check out awesome Floating Lab’s project in which you can scream at the economy. Very cathartic, plus an added bonus: you get to be part of making art!

The ancient social concept of “exchange,” once central to the trade of goods and culture, has been hybridized into complex and volatile systems of speculation and accumulation which reduce humans to consumers, taxpayers, debtors and, increasingly, the unemployed.

As a first step to redress this process, Floating Lab Collective has launched Scream at the Economy, inviting anyone and everyone to call in and scream at the economy, expressing desperate and instinctive expressions of survival, warnings of danger, cathartic affirmations of power, explosions of anger and despairing utterances of anxiety and hopelessness (remember Munch!). The recorded archive of screaming will be transformed by six international composers into new symphonies for the “Screamer,” to be performed in front of relevant financial institutions.

How to participate:

  1. Call 646-402-5686, extension 90514, 24-hours a day.
  2. Scream at the economy (for best results, hold the phone a few inches away from your mouth).
  3. Download scream music after June 25th at:

Upcoming FLC projects will delve further into the state of the global economy by instigating new, alternative forms of community currency.

Floating Lab Collective is the community arts program of Provisons Learning Project.