Image by Susan Biddle For The Washington Post

I like this picture in the Post today of me posing in front of the piece Cory Oberndorfer painted on a wall in my place. Not sure how Cory could have captured the essence of the hoogrrl anymore than to create a pretty great pink Hokusai wave – menacing, yet pink!

Afixture in the city’s thriving underground art scene, Hughes created the Pink Line Project ( in April 2007 to promote local artists, exhibitions and events. Since then, she’s become somewhat of an arch-organizer of all things arty, providing an entry point for novices eager to appreciate and collect art. “My theory is the more you show up to stuff, the more comfortable you become, and people start recognizing you,” Hughes says. “You become a part of the scene.” Her tips? Mingle with artists at open studio days and start a collection with drawings, which are more affordable than photographs and paintings.

Her vintage cocktail dresses and old-school scooter might make it seem otherwise, but Hughes takes a decidedly modern approach to her role in the art world, and her events are anything but quiet, white-walled gallery tours. Instead, she brings graffiti artists, skateboarders, video DJs and local musicians into eclectic gatherings that are as much about social networking as art appreciation. “I like to think of it as creative experiences, versus just visual art,” Hughes says. “I like the idea of having ‘art’ be many kinds of things.”

– Holly E. Thomas

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In progress picture of Cory working on the mural.