Good press lately for some of my favorite artists. Yay! Lisa Marie Thalhammer got a nice mention in U.S. News & World Report for her contribution to the Manifest Hope show.

Next: Lisa Marie Thalhammer of D.C. “My work deals with powerful women,” she says. “Michelle is an important figure for us to look up to.” Thalhammer says that she does not usually produce politically minded art but has always been interested in portraying gender and power. Her portrait of the first lady stands out amid a sea of Obama portraits. “People around town talk about how much they admire her already,” said Thalhammer. “I’m excited to see her in her new role. I thought she needed to shine.”

Nicholas & Sheila Pye, Togetherness I & II, digital C-prints, 60″ x 40″ each, ed. of 5, 2009

Nick and Sheila Pye (rep’d by Curator’s Office) have received a well-deserved deluge of media attention. They’re in: Art In America AND Eyemazing Magazine AND Art News AND Art Forum (below). Nice.