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Photos: Adam Levner

As part of the Anacostia Art Walk for the Anacostia Cherry Blossom Festival a couple weeks ago, The Pink Line Project produced an awesome art exhibit celebrating youth making art for social change, with the curating assistance of Chanel Compton. It’s a really special exhibit so we decided to open it up again so more people can experience the work of these remarkable young artists.

Picture Equality
Graffiti, Turntables, and Documentary Photography

Friday, May 1
9pm – 12am
@ 2204 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, SE
Awesome Anacostia!

View pictures of the opening and the exhibit here and here.

About: Critical Exposure and Words Beats & Life are Washington DC based youth arts organizations that empower their students to be the leaders of today. The featured works, graffiti and photograph were created by students and supporters in order to promote social change and to share their creative vision.

Special thanks to Red Bull for their support of this project.

I came two inches from crashing a car into a Richard Serra sculpture last week. Probably would have hurt the car more than the sculpture if we’d made contact, but I am still completely rattled by the experience. For one thing, Serra’s art can kill! But more importantly, the thought of damaging this beautiful piece of art (not the one pictured above, which is at MOMA in NY) nauseated me. Though I was not at the wheel, I could barely speak of the incident for days without shuddering and wishing I could banish the memory, or at least, hoping the day would come sooner that I could look back and laugh.

My perspective changed a little, though, after I moderated a panel discussion the day after the incident that centered around Workbook, an installation at Flashpoint by Kate McGraw and Ann Tarantino, and after the artists spent two days erasing any trace of the installation by painting over it with five gallons of Killz and two gallons of white gallery paint.

I’d assembled the artists and Allison Marvin and Profesor Luis Silva to talk about drawing and collecting it. But the discussion took a turn and I was reminded that what is important to me about art is not the objects, but the artists and their ideas and the creation. The object they produce is only a representation or reminder of what is great about art and you can’t really destroy that.

Some things that Luis and Allison said that particularly struck me:

  • Drawing is a primal and immediate act of mark making that begins with the literal representation of an object. At that level, the drawing replicates the reality. The artist sees something that looks good so she recreates it in a representative drawing.
  • When an artist begins to draw in a less literal manner, she seeks to understand the raw essence of an object and investigates its cultural impact.
  • When the artist investigates the experience of making drawings, the drawing becomes less about the mark itself and more about how it was made, the process of creation, the gestures, the performance. Much like theater, the process and the experience of the process is never the same when done again.
  • The video became an integral part of the Workbook installation. Maybe even the most important element because it documents the process and not the thing itself so that we can relive the experience once the drawings themselves are gone.
  • As Duchamp said, art is about the idea and not about its creation.
  • Having tangible drawings though reminds us, for example, of how graphite looks on pulpy paper.

I’m so glad I was able to be part of the making of this video and this art project. For more information about Workbook, go here.

The Pink Line Project is working with The Art Registry to bring you another uber awesome art installation by one of my favorite artists, DECOY. Come by and take a look and also see works by other great artists.

The Art Registry
Thursday, April 23
6:30 to 10 pm
@ 1515 11th Street, NW (at Rhode Island Ave.)

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

One of my favorite artists Kerry Skarbakka on the Today Show this morning. Yay Kerry!

Washington Project for the Arts Presents:
Tug-of-War, Blurring the Line Between Art and Craft
Panel discussion:
Wednesday, April 22
5:30 – 7:30om
@ WPA Headquarters
2023 Massachusetts Avenue NW

Ding Ren
one to one
April 13 – 24

Wednesday, April 22
6 – 8pm
@ Gallery 102, Smith Hall of Art
George Washington University
801 22nd Street NW

Allison Reimus, Green Pattern, acrylic on panel, 36 x 48in, 2009
Josh Baptista, Kate Gartrell, Igor Pasternak, Nikki Painter, Erin Raedeke, Allison Reimus, Katherine Sable, Bonner Sale, Lana Stephens, Zac Willis
RESULTS: American University MFA Thesis Exhibition
April 23 – May 17
Opening reception:
Thursday, April 23
5 – 9pm
@ American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW

Robin Rose
April 7 – May 17

Opening reception:
Thursday, April 23
5 – 9pm

@ American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW

A Fine Line
Works by Noelle K. Tan and Laurel Lukaszewski
April 23 – July

Opening reception and artist talk:
Thursday, April 23
5:30 – 7pm

@ 505 9th Street NW Lobby

The Art Registry in conjunction with
Wilco Residential, urbanpace, and the Pink Line Project

Thursday, April 23
6:30 – 10pm

@ Eleventh Street Providence Lofts
1515 11th Street NW

Hillyer Art Space Film Series
Featuring Henry Ferrini’s
Polis is This:
Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place

Thursday, April 23

@ Hillyer Art Space
9 Hillyer Court NW

Michelle Eye Study #1, oil on canvas, 6 x 8in, 2009
Laura Elkins: The First Ladies and Me
through May 4
Gallery talk:
Thursday, April 23
@ Sixth & I Historic Synogouge
600 I Street NW

Photo by Darren Santos
Transformer Presents: Collector’s View 2009
View the Collection of Farinaz & Dadi Akhavan
Thursday, April 23
Amita Bhatt, Nina Glaser, Kat Rohrbacher, Katherine Mann, Scott Shanley, Karla Cott, Clarissa Gregory, Judy Stone, Pete Cullen, Alan Callander, Robby Rackleff, Emily Wathen, Sandy Triolo, Tiffany Plante
Maryland College of Art Graduate Thesis Exhibition
April 24 – May 3
Opening reception:
Friday, April 24
5 – 7pm
@ Decker Gallery, Fox Building
1300 W. Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore

ArtSpace Cellular Photography Show 2009

Friday, April 24
6 – 8pm

@ ArtSpace
614 S Street NW

Trevor Young
April 25 – June 6

Opening reception:
Saturday, April 25
6 – 8pm

@ Flashpoint Gallery
916 G Street NW

Flaunt: Photography and Fashion Collaboration
presented by Honfleur Gallery, Ten Miles Square and Project Beltway LLC

Saturday, April 25

@ Honfleur Gallery
1227 Good Hope Rd, SE

O Street Artist Studios
Open Studios

Saturday, April 25
Sunday, April 26

11am – 5pm

@ 52 O Street NW

Bike Rack Dedication

Monday, April 27

@ US DOT Southwest Plaza
New Jersey Avenue and Tingey Street SE

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The Art Registry provides convenient, fun and easy ways to view and purchase great art from the most up-and-coming local, national, and international artists.

In Conjunction With
Willco Residential, urbanpace, The Pink Line Project,
The Providence 11th Street Lofts
April 23

@ 1515 11th Street NW
Washington, D.C.
RSVP to:

ARTISTS: DECOY, Eve Hennessa, Susan Noyes, Mary Ott, Cory Oberndorfer, Andres Tremols, and Colin Winterbottom.

Two gorgeous tri-plex lofts and a one bedroom filled with artwork in all mediums. Two prominent Washington DC collectors (to remain anonymous) will be placing works from their collection on the secondary market for the first time. In addition, The Pink Line Project is executing a site-specific urban art installation by DECOY.

Workbook, the stunning drawing installation by Kate McGraw and Ann Tarantino at Flashpoint, will close on Friday (April 17). It will be painted over this weekend to prepare for the next fabulous exhibition (Trevor Young: Non-Places) and the only thing remaining will be the video that documents the creation of the installation. Many art patrons helped support the making of this video by purchasing a unique hand-marked and stamped print made by the artists. Thank you!

Go here for an insightful review of the show by astute art collector, Kate Nicholson, who says:

With the difficult times today, both the art world and society require new models. Commercial galleries are closing in New York, as the financial draw is drying. Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that this show occurs in Washington and in public or non-profit art spaces with the help of creative new groups like Pink Line Project. At this moment, when change is imminent but transformation not yet upon us, maps or archives of collaboration and creativity are essential. Socially, the question now is how we band together to transform, to create our “brave new world,” and this time, one in which art is central to the process.

You can still have your name listed in the Workbook video if you purchase a print by April 19. Go here for more info. Or buy a print directly from PayPal here:

Photo: Franciska Farkas

Panel Discussion: Collecting Drawing

Thursday, April 16

@ Flashpoint
916 G street, NW
phone: 202-315-1310

A panel discussion on collecting, coveting and the connoisseurship of drawing with artists Kate McGraw, Ann Tarantino, and Allison G. Marvin, collector, and Luis Silva, Professor and Chair of the Department of Art, American University. Moderated by Philippa Hughes, The Pink Line Project.

RSVP Essential:
$10 suggested donation.

Lunch generously provided by Ella’s Pizza.

For more information on the Workbook exhibition, visit