So you tried to get tickets to After Hours but found that it was sold out? There is still one way to get tickets: join the museum! Even joining at the entry level of membership gets you a ticket, PLUS you get to hang out with VIPeeps in the VIP lounge hosted by The Pink Line Project, where there will be swag! Join and you won’t have to wait in the general admission line either.

More info about joining the Hirshhorn here.

Still deciding on whether you should go? Well here is one man’s opinion:

In the riveting sequel to “There Will Be Blood”, Daniel Day Lewis channels the stubbly art aficionado Cliff Lechapeau who will stop at nothing in his quest to join the Hirshhorn, even if it means doing so at the last minute. See “There Will Be Swag” in area theaters starting tonight.

Seriously, I heard this event is going to be great!