Apparently the reason why you are ignored by New York gallerinas when you pop in for a visit is that they are much much too overworked to pay any attention to you at all, according to this New York Times article. Also, 99.5% of you won’t buy any art when you’re walking around Chelsea anyway so why should they bother even greeting you when you come in the door.

I know I can’t afford to buy anything at mega galleries like Gagosian so I don’t really expect a sales person to indulge my curiosity, although it would be nice if they could take a few minutes to explain the works to me. Regardless of the chilly attitude, ask to see the artist statement, which is usually if not always helpful. It’s really important for art collectors and art lovers to explore shows at the high-end galleries because it’s part of educating yourself on what’s considered the best in the contemporary art market. It’s also critical for collectors to look at art in galleries at every level to hone your eye and to better understand the process by which artists rise up through the gallery system. I am especially fond of the emerging gallery scene in the Lower East Side, where one of my favorite galleries 31Grand is located. The LES feels like a friendly neighborhood but also has great art. And of course, we have fantastic contemporary art galleries in DC where you can always find an approachable gallerist who will answer your questions and help you learn about contemporary art.