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Did anyone catch dcist’s list of DC’s most influential people last week? Read it here. I glanced at it but didn’t notice that someone writing as acerbic nominated me in the comments section until a sharp-eyed friend spotted it. It’s #26! Thanks Holly! And thank YOU acerbic whoever you are.

“Anne Corbett, Tim Tate, and George Koch should all be on the list for what they’ve done for the DC arts scene.”
You should add to this list Philippa Hughes.
[26] Posted by: acerbic | August 16, 2007 9:10 AM

I’m adding this to my collection of surfer art – not art about surfing, but art created by surfers. Captured by surfer and fine art photographer Sean Kelley, this image speaks volumes! I wish I could put up that sign more often.

eightyeight‘s monthly X event is back and better than ever. This time, my good friend Lauren Gentile is curating and it’s going to be totally hot!

Sat. August 18th
A 21st Century Live-Art Happening
Live(Electronica + Projections + Fashion + Art + Performance) + YOU = X
At BeBar
1318 9th St, NW 6-10pm

Above is last month’s winning design by Cesar Maxit, inspired by the 3 words selected by curator Billy Colbert: Hype, Cacophony and Spectacle.

This month’s X will feature:
Live PA performances from: Eliot Lipp (Brooklyn) and Aligning Minds
Graphic artists: Jessica Phillips, Derek Horton, Juan Zapata
Performance: Asharah
Projections/Live Digital Drawing: Shuhei/Megasleepyhead
Art: Tina Seamonster and Sara Dick
Live Painting: Robin Walker
Curator: Lauren Gentile

Thai police have implemented a new punishment system for dealing with wayward cops: make them wear embarrassing Hello Kitty armbands for infractions like coming to work late. I really do not understand how wearing this cute, pink armband adorned with two happy hearts could be a punishment?

From a New York Times report on this cutting edge solution to recalcitrant law enforcement officials:

Pink armbands for misdemeanors are a start. Stronger measures could be next for corruption and extrajudicial killings.

Perhaps they will force extrajudicial killers to wear under-roos on the outside of their uniforms.

“The Devil in His Own Words”

Directed by Lise Bruneau
Music by Kathy Cashel
Text lifted by Marcus Kyd

Who or what is the Devil? Tracing his appearances over the ages, Marcus Kyd has compiled texts ancient and modern to find out. Why is he here? Who does he serve? And perhaps most problematic of all, is there hope for him? Directed by company member Lise Bruneau, with music and sound by Kathy Cashel, the Taffety Punks probe the darkest limits of our dreams to find the lifeblood of the world’s oldest anarchist.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
August 10–26, 2007
Thurs–Sun 8:00 pm

Tickets $10.00

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

Flashpoint Mead Theatre Lab
916 G Street. NW
Washington, DC, 20001

Beckham took off his shirt twice last night! Above just before he entered the game for 21 minutes of play. It had been raining hard so he changed into a dry jersey before his performance. And below, at the end of the game, when a DC United player asked Becks for his shirt.

Oooh, look at him stretching!

Lots of screeching filled the stadium at this point. (And a few boos – I assume from disgruntled husbands and boyfriends.)

He barely touched the ball while he was on the field but it was pretty darn exciting to watch him run around. He didn’t disappoint his fans!

Opening this Saturday: Introductions3, Irvine Contemporary‘s show of recent graduates from leading art schools. In selecting artists for this show, the gallery sought advice from a panel composed of a few local contemporary art collectors (including me!). Come by the gallery on Saturday from 6 to 8 PM to see our picks. Gallery location: 1412 14th Street, NW.

Silent Flurry, Nicholas & Sheila Pye, Chromogenic print, ed. 4/5, 50″ x 50″, 2006

Not only did the Hirshhorn recently acquire their work, but the Pyes have been gaining international renown in photography and film making. The Pye’s high-design works are cinematic and lush and draw the viewer into an unfolding story. Absolutely gorgeous! Also appealing: their works also relate a sense of absurdity in relationships that reflects the absurdity of many relationships around me. (It helps to see the whole series of which Silent Flurry was a part to understand what I’m talking about.)

Silent Flurry will soon be seen at 1444 Church. For more information about their work, you can visit Curators Office and speak with Andrea Pollan.

I have tickets to see the game on Thursday between DC United and LA Galaxy. Although I love soccer and played a fair amount of it back in the day, I have not been a very good fan of our local team. This week’s game will be the first I’ll have attended since the opening season! And what motivated me to wake up at 5 AM* to buy two tickets to a soccer game? The incredibly hot David Beckham, of course! But will he play? Is he washed up? Did he leave Europe just as his aging body was starting to break down? Maybe he thought that as a relatively new nation of soccer lovers, we wouldn’t notice that he’s slowed down, that he doesn’t have the same magic moves anymore. Even if he doesn’t play, I heard he might show up to wave to his devoted fans. That’d be ok with me, as long as he takes his shirt off, too.

*I was in LA the day tickets went on sale at 8 AM EDT.