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The Hirshhorn hosted a really nice cocktail party last week in the sculpture garden. It’s an annual end of summer event that brings together many DC artists and art fans on a sultry summer evening. Great food and drink in a beautiful setting. I could talk about art for hours!

Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree.

I kinda like this candid picture except that I can see how horrible my hair still looks from that disastrous hair appointment back in June when my ex-hair stylist went psycho. There is still an orange band around the top of my head. Dammit.

These images are courtesy of Lee Stalsworth, Chief Photographer at HMSG.

Ok, I am no fashionista. My shoe goals typically tend toward the comfy and sensible – witness my broad collection of Dansko clogs (red, brown suede, black, and another pair of black) and flip flops (too many to list). So I am particularly excited to have found these amazing shoes designed by two architects under the label of United Nude. I picked these up on a recent shopping expedition in Nolita and plan to go back for more next time I’m in NY. Not only are these among the most comfortable heels I have ever worn (stood in them for over eight straight hours on Saturday without incident), but they look sooooo cool.

In my continuing coverage of cool things that friends are doing, here’s something from my buddy Pol Klein, who is the DC coordinator of EuroCircle. Tonight’s EuroCircle happy hour will take place at a new cafe on 17th Street called . . . the 17th Street Cafe. Despite the uninspired name, the joint is a nice addition to the humdrum 17th Street corridor. Find out more about the EuroCircle and RSVP for tonight here.

What is EuroCircle, you ask?
EuroCircle is an informal community for European professionals & Europhiles- married or single – with about 50,000 members. With no political, religious or ethnic affiliations, is a place where you can exchange ideas, tips, professional contacts, make friends and more.

Another really great project from another really cool person, Liz Falk. I met her at Tryst last winter while we were writing our business plans.

About the 7th Street Garden:

Gardens are healing grounds. Gardens evoke awareness, compassion and meaning, while creating connective experiences that engage the individual physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Urban food gardens unite diverse communities through provision of local food.

If you’re interested in supporting community gardens, please attend the fundraiser next week, or got to the website to learn more.

The 7th Street Garden Summer Fundraiser
Thursday, September 6th, 6 – 8:30pm
in the Garden

Seasonal Appetizers from Local Farmers
Garden Tours & Live Music
Specialty Drinks & Silent Auction
Suggested Donation $40 in advance, $50 at the gate
RSVP here

Most of my posts tend to be about the arts or about me me meeeeeee! These are both such fascinating topics, however, I am reminded again and again that I have totally cool friends who are doing totally cool things that have nothing to do with art or with me and I’m going to make more effort to introduce them on this blog.

Like my friend Brian Christie who is working on M2Z Networks. Their public service mission is to provide wireless broadband connectivity to at least 95% of the US population. Go to their website to learn more and please sign the letter of support.

This is one of the many short pieces that various video makers have made for M2Z.

Another recent exchange with a person I’d just met:
“You know who you look like don’t you?”

If Renee loses anymore weight, no one will think she looks like me.

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I just found this tiny mention of me in the Washington Examiner. Along with four other art collectors, I helped select art for the current group show of recent art school grads at Irvine Contemporary. I think it’s a great idea for gallerists to invite their loyal collectors to participate in this process, rather than always telling us what we should like and what we should buy. Although I appreciate the guidance, I also have a pretty good idea of what I like when it comes to art. Kudos to Irvine for coming up with this unique and innovative approach to curating. The show is still hanging for another couple weeks.

A D.C. art gallery decided to let art collectors rather than curators decide which emerging artists would be featured in its latest exhibition. Irvine Contemporary incorporated the opinions of five local collectors when selecting its pieces for “Introductions3”, which Assistant Director Lauren Gentile says highlights the work of recent art college graduates. Gentile said this is the first time collectors have played this role in a gallery exhibit. Tim Cone, Joseph DiGangi, Philippa Hughes, Henry Thaggert and Melissa Schronder participated, each with distinctly different collections, she said. Irvine Contemporary staff narrowed down more than 250 submissions and then involved the collectors with the final decisions, Gentile said. The artists’ identities were concealed from the collectors during the selection process so they could focus solely on the work itself. The Irvine’s staff wanted to have art selected from the perspective of individuals that artists would reach out to commercially. “These are the people which are going to be supporting the careers of young artists, supplying them with the income they need to continue to create work, and also to eat,” Gentile said. The resulting exhibit is an eclectic mix of 11 artists’ work, ranging from string art to sculpture. Virginia Commonwealth University graduate Erin Colleen Williams creates objects that mix together imaginary inventions and actual technology, such as one featured in the exhibit with the appearance of a mechanical heart. Maura Q. Brewer from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sculpture and Drawings, fashioned geometric shapes using men’s dress shirts. Tom Pergola, a Los Angeles-based artist manager, said he had never heard of any exhibit taking the same approach Irvine has for selecting its works. “I think it’s a good idea,” Pergola said. “Sooner or later, art has to get on a wall, and it comes down to whether a buyer likes it or not.”


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I’m starting a new feature on this blog about happiness, which will appear in the sidebar on the right. I plan to list things that make me happy and I’d love to hear about things that you’d put on your list. You can comment here or email me at

The African Art Contemporaries, supporters of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, will host a cocktail party on September 14. Please come if you’re interested in African art and culture.

Friday, September 14
7 to 11 PM
@ 950 Independence Ave, NW

Adam’s next show is going to be so awesome! He’s been working like a maniac for the past several months and buzz is already building for his October solo show at 31 Grand. A UK magazine called Grafik plans to do a piece about him! They interviewed Ryan McGinniss recently so Adam’s in pretty good company!