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Can you see what I wrote?

ALEATORIC: Several local artists fill up two floors with installation art that will overflow off the walls. Emerging bands will be performing to keep up a lively atmosphere.

Who:, LLC
Marissa Botelho, Curator
Reuben Breslar, Music Coordinator
Local arts students, artists, musicians, and creative writers
Bands ‘Pontiak,’ ‘The Show is the Rainbow,’ and ‘Black and Tan Fantasy Band’
Civilian Arts Projects


Wednesday, August 1, 2007
7:45pm – 12am


Bobby Fisher Memorial Building (aka Borf Building)
1644 North Capitol St, NW,
Washington, D.C., 20002
*3 blocks north west of New York Ave. Metro Station

Music and progressive arts will merge under one roof for this event.

(Donations for the bands are encouraged.)

Wow, lots of cool art stuff going on this summer.

Kata Mejia

a performance/installation

August 1st-4th
6pm-7pm nightly

this public performance will take place at…

BodySmith Parking lot
1622 14th Street NW
(between Corcoran and R Streets)

Healing is a performance-installation which represents a breaking point with life caused by sudden, violent death. Symbolic, ritual actions expressing the pain and chaos this wrenching of life creates will be performed along with those expressing transcendence and healing of the departed soul and the loved ones who remain.

This performance commemorates the first anniversary of the death of the artist’s little brother, who was kidnapped and murdered in Colombia by the FARC terrorist guerrillas.

Colombian born, Kata Mejia is no lightweight performance artist. Her work is raw emotion played without pretense. She attacks her concerns with everything she has: her body, mind and soul. That attack is dramatic, sometimes violent and speaks to the human condition.

This looks cool!

Saturday, July 28th, 2-5pm
at the entrance to the U Street / Cardozo Metro Station
13th and U Street, Washington, DC

In Marker, performance artist Mary Coble expands the focus of her previous performances, Note to Self 2005 (on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered persons murdered in hate crimes) and Aversion 2007(shock aversion therapy). The artist now invites viewers to emulate the physical + verbal assaults marginalized groups have endured by penning hate-inspired epithets such as ‘dyke’, ‘spic’ or ‘nigger’ on her body.

Coble anticipates that the act of marking another person will elicit emotional discomfort for both artist and participant. By granting permission to express these terms on her body, the artist hopes this act will engender a larger community of people assisting in collective history of the ‘reclaiming’ of hateful speech.

Marker (DC) is a part of the WPA/C’s SiteProject DC events.

Marker (NYC) was performed at the DUMBO Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY in October of 2006.

The Pink Line Project will host a fundraiser for Pediatric Aids/HIV Care on Wednesday. Please come!

Wednesday, July 25
6 to 8 PM
@18th Street Lounge
1212 18th Street, NW

Music by Ben Gilligan!

Video art by:
Kathryn Cornelius
Kathleen McGlaun
Koike Susumu, courtesy of 88
Jeff Wyckoff

Some of you may recall that I have often been told that I look like Renee Zellweger. It’s been a while since I reported any such incidents – mainly because they happen so often that it’d overload my server if I tried to tell you about every single occurrence. However, just heard a good story from my friend Grace last night that unfortunately bolsters the myth that Renee Z is the bizarro hoogrrl.

Grace said she met a fun couple at a wedding in Napa last weekend and ended up hanging out with them in their hotel room after the rehearsal dinner. For some reason, Grace was telling them about my art events and pulled out her computer to show them my blog. She said that when they saw my picture from the Spaces article, they both exclaimed, “She looks like Renee Zellweger!” Argh!

Caroline and Dan hosted a great party last Saturday night, themed Midsummer’s Night Dream. The best outfit that night was a sprightly fellow in tight white tights and a few sprigs of fake greenery to hide the personal bits. I didn’t arrive at the party properly costumed thus the furry pink Princess crown that Caroline plopped on my head (not that I minded). Lots of fun folks, good music, and the party was even sponsored by Cristiana vodka.

But one thing marred the evening: I was robbed of $70! And I know who did it. The incident was surreal and so weird that it didn’t completely ruin the evening, rather it made for good story telling for the rest of the night. It’s not like I carelessly left my purse unattended in a crowded bar filled with drunk people at two o’clock in the morning. This happened in someone’s nice house in Woodley Park, for crying out loud. I haven’t revealed the person’s identity and don’t intend to. However, I’ve asked him/her to make a donation to my charity, Pediatric AIDS, rather than give me back my money. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I naively thought that I could turn an unpleasant situation into something sort of positive. It’ll be awkward, to say the least, when I see him/her at another social function, which is inevitable.

Oh, and I had to hitch a ride home with a friend because did not have cab fare after that!

Nicholas & Sheila Pye, The Lovers II, chromogenic print, 2004

Donated by Patricia Lewy Gidwitz, The Lovers II is currently on view at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in the Highlights of the Collection exhibition. It will also soon be on view in my living room!

There is an 8-page article about Nicholas and Sheila Pye in “Eyemazing” magazine, a glossy art magazine dedicated to international photo-based work. It is published quarterly out of the Netherlands. Andrea has a copy at the Curator’s Office if you want to take a look.

You’ve probably heard about the Pants Suit. A summary: a DC administrative law judge named Roy Pearson sued a neighborhood drycleaner for $54,000,000 (no, I did not mis-type the number of zeros), claiming they had lost his pants and tried to give him back the wrong ones a few days later. The trial judge ruled in favor of the Chungs and ordered Pearson to pay their court costs. More details on the story here. Hopefully, he’ll be ordered to pay their attorneys fees, as well, however, that may not mean much as Pearson will likely be out of a job himself very soon. His term as an administrative law judge has expired and he’s awaiting reappointment. In the meantime, he has said he intends to appeal the decision.

The Chungs have significant legal fees to pay as a result of this two-year litigation so a fund has been created to collect money to offset the cost of this frivolous lawsuit. The tort reform folks have also stepped up and will host a fundraiser on the Chung’s behalf on Tuesday, July 24. I hope you can help out these hard-working, small business owners!

Full disclosure: my good friends Chris Manning and Mendi Sossamon have represented the Chungs from the beginning. Although they have heavily discounted their fees, two-years of litigation can still rack up hefty fees. Pearson represented himself so he was able to pursue this case with abandon.

Custom Cleaners Defense Fund
Chung Fundraiser
Manning & Sossamon

Sat. July 21st
A 21st Century Live-Art Happening : $5

(Electronica + Projections + Fashion + Art + Performance) + YOU = X
At BeBar: 1318 9th St, NW

Above is last month’s winning design by Johnathan Sexton, inspired by the 3 words selected by curator Andrea Pollan: Orbit, Obesity and Omnipotent. For his efforts, John won an HP Printer! Congrats and thanks HP!

This month’s X will feature:

Live PA performances from: A Drop In Silence (North Carolina) and Yoko K (DC, Ashara)

Graphic artists: Vu Nguyen, Cynthia Cardimon, Cesar Maxit

Performance: Mavi:

Projections/Live Digital Drawing: Shuhei/Megasleepyhead:

Art: One Small Star:

Live Painting: Emma O’Rourke:

Curator: Billy Colbert:

Got a digital camera? Bring it! 3 HP printers will be on hand for you to instantaneously print your pictures on site for free.

This month, we are also excited to be bringing back Exquisite Corpse. This game, played and created by the surrealists in the mid to late 1920s, asks participants to draw a head, torso or bottom half of a body. Come ready to play Saturday. :)

We’ll also have CDs for sale ($X) featuring: Aligning Minds ( live set from the first X event and original art work by Mal Jones (