Nifty show at Project 4 right now called Building. It’s a nice collaboration between five artists from Brooklyn and Ireland as they explore an abandoned electrical switch room and the effect it had on Belfast.

For almost 40 years, a small brick building in Belfast, Northern Ireland was home to a vital electrical switch room. The building, which once powered the city, had lay dormant for nearly 25 years and was scheduled for renovation in 2005. Before this process began, the development firm collaborated with a group of artists from Belfast, NI and Brooklyn, NY (OAR) to document and salvage much of the original equipment. Using these remnants, OAR created an exhibition entitled BUILDING that tells the story of this space that powered Belfast. Christopher Heaney, Oliver Jeffers, Rory Jeffers, Mac Premo and Duke Riley explored the building’s story through different avenues and media: its function behind closed doors, its effect on the city it was built in, and how the city and citizens of Belfast were affected by but unaware of its existence.

DCist did a nice review of the show today.