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This story is about how two guys painted over a piece of Banksy graffiti on the side of a pub in Trafalgar. The guys were nabbed and convicted on charges of criminal damage and given a six months conditional discharge.

Is this a Banksy rat on P Street? Or is it just a pretty darn good copy? Compare to an authenticated rat. Regardless, I like seeing it along a route I travel often.

The Post did a piece last week about the rise in graffiti around town recently, focusing on tagging and the city’s cost of removing it. I wonder if they’ll paint over this rat? I wonder if this is art or just destruction of public property? To my eye, it’s a nice little piece of art that makes me smile and it provokes discussion, which I think is a central tenet of contemporary art. If I were a city worker given the task of cleaning up graffiti, would I disobey orders and leave this one because it looked like art?

This blog does a great job of parsing out the debate over what is art as it relates to graffiti.

Thanks eagle-eyes-Jonathan Sousa for spotting the rat and sharing these images with me!

My friend Veronica Jackson designed this fashion/art show and fundraiser. Not only does this event benefit an excellent cause – Hoops For Africa, an HIV/AIDS awareness charity for African youth – but you’ll also see great art and design and maybe even find a fabulous spring outfit!

On Lokation
Thursday, May 17

6 – 10 PM
575 7th Street, NW
Tickets: $40

A couple months ago, Cousin Roger (he’s not my actual cousin) called me on a sunny, cool spring day to say, “I’m in town. Let’s have fun.” Hanging out with Cousin Roger is all about fun and it’s all about spontaneity. You have to be very flexible and very open to adventures when with Roger.

It’s difficult to describe Cousin Roger in a way that conveys the sublime pleasures of spending time with this philosophic peter pan. You must experience Cousin Roger to fully appreciate him. The basics: Roger lives in Brooklyn and owns a music studio called Shabby Road. He’s also painted a series of pictures featuring a nameless everywoman who peers out from the canvas with “the withering gaze of disapproval.” He once played a concert of the entire Beatles songbook on a ukulele.

I’d planned to see Cynthia Connolly’s show – “See all Fifteen an Once” – at the Arlington Arts Center that afternoon and invited him to join me. The show consisted of a series of photographs she took in Alabama of those road sign signs with arrows pointing toward a shack that say things like: “Gas Guns & Guppies.” Cynthia was hosting a southern porch party to show her work – rocking chairs, mint juleps, ham biscuits, and gooey cake. I was worried about dragging Cousin Roger to the suburbs, afraid he’d be bored and scornful (sorry, Roger, for underestimating you!). Instead, we drank, ate, socialized, and played Scrabble – he never goes anywhere without a Scrabble board! Everyone who came to the party thought we were part of the show – my first stint as a performance artist! This sort of thing happens every time I hang out with Cousin Roger.

If you’re interested in Cynthia Connolly’s work, you can see it at the Transformer Gallery. They are wonderful advocates of excellent emerging artists.

You should also check out the Arlington Arts Center. They do such a great job of promoting the mid-Atlantic region’s best artists.

A torrential downpour during last night’s performance of Underwater made me feel like we were underwater! We converted Metropolis’ raw, retail space at 14th and Church into a makeshift performance space and presented an artistic and musical experience unlike much else I’ve seen in DC. The show was created by Yoko K and Seduce and Destroy, an artist collective consisting of music by Aphrodizia, video art by Dissident Display, performance by the Painted Lady Performance Project, and graphic visual art by MegaSleepyhead. I helped promote it and ran lots of errands.

After the Wolfgang Tillmans talk last night at the Hirshhorn, I was standing on the sidewalk outside the building with a few people who’d also been at the lecture when Tillmans walked out and stood near us in conversation with another person. I wanted to go over and introduce myself and tell him how much his talk inspired and moved me, something I would normally do in this kind of situation. Instead, I stewed about what I perceived had been an earlier social slight toward me by someone in our impromptu group – I expended valuable mental energy and put myself in a generally ornery mood. (Very disappointed in myself.) As a result, I didn’t make any effort to speak to Mr. Tillmans and missed the chance to meet one of the most amazing artists of our time, the Gerhard Richter of our generation. I will be depressed about this until another opportunity presents itself when I can reverse the karma and prove to myself that I am not such a small-minded, petty person. From what I could tell, I doubt Tillmans would have allowed such triflings to waste his time and get in the way of seizing everything life offers and experiencing utter happiness at every point along life’s short journey.

Read more about Tillmans here.

I just published an article in the May 2007 issue of Washington Woman magazine entitled “How to Find ‘Real’ Art: Allison Cohen Guides the Way.” Read it here: Washington%20Woman%20final.pdf. Or pick up a copy at Whole Foods on P Street.

Another fabulous event from Yoko K and Aphrodizia. This show sold out last time so reserve a seat in advance to ensure you get in and to get a little discount on the admission price ($12 instead of $15).