Back in March, I wrote about an article I’d read in the New Yorker on Jimmy Webb, the manager of Trash and Vaudeville, a well-known punk clothing store in the East Village. I won’t bore you with all the details of how reading about this man inspired and moved me and how I finally settled on the name of my arts organization – The Pink Line Project – because of him. (This was after months and months of torturing my clever friend Jonathan, with whom I’d tasked with thinking of a name – he’s very creative that way and he totally came through. Thanks, Jonathan!!) So when I was in New York this weekend, I made the pilgrimage to T&V to meet Jimmy and tell him so. Jimmy is the sweetest man! I think my story touched him and we both got misty-eyed and hugged each other a lot and Jimmy gave me his personal cell number and said I could call him anytime. Jimmy rocks!

These are the shoes I bought from him: