JT Kirkland’s Supple show was all planned out. Three nights of receptions during artDC this weekend to showcase some of Washington’s finest artists at The Space with music and drinks. At the last minute, The Space pulled out of the deal and JT announced that he’d have to cancel the show. Sondra Arkin, my co-curator for the No Representation show, read the announcement on JT’s blog and whirled into action, asking me, Ellen Weiss, and Molly Ruppert if we could give up some of our space at the Warehouse to allow JT to hang his show. We happily agreed and now Supple will exhibit alongside No Representation. Please come to the reception at the Warehouse on Saturday night at 6 PM and you’ll get a two-for-one-deal on art viewing.

More about what happened to the Supple show: www.thinkingaboutart.blogs.com.