The opening party for No Representation was really fun. I LOVE the Warehouse space – it’s a little quirky and I was worried that the art would not look good. Ancient faded and peeling wallpaper barely stuck to the walls of the third floor rooms. A couple small walls were covered with siding on the second floor. And unfinished plaster adorned the first floor walls. But Molly Ruppert kept reassuring me that it’d all work out. And she was so right! The art looked wonderful in this eccentric space.

The Warehouse fills a great need in DC – offering a casual venue for music, performance, films, art, and great cocktails. Please support this family-owned business that has become a Washington cultural institution! They recently received a very high tax assessment that could put them out of business if they don’t succeed in their appeal. Although it’s great that Washington neighborhoods are undergoing renovation and revitalization block by block, the city ought to consider ways to preserve places like the Warehouse, which add so much to the community. It’s places like the Warehouse that make DC neighborhoods feel like neighborhoods. If we chase them off, then all we’ll have left are a bunch of bland stores and boring chain restaurants and banks. Yuck.

My favorite guys: Adrian Loving and Ayo Okunseinde

Sondra Arkin, an artist and a co-curator of the No Representation show