Veronica Jackson, Zoe Myers, Philippa Hughes

My BFF posse walking the red carpet at Kathryn Cornelius’ performance of Recognition at artDC. Kathryn debuted a great piece that poked fun at the self-importance and superficiality of the celebrity worship culture that pervades our society today. We sipped champagne (provided by The Pink Line Project!), minlged with Washington’s art glitterati (OMG, can you believe Philip Barlow was there!? I wish I’d gotten his autograph.), and a camera crew interviewed me. I felt like a rock star!

“Who are you wearing tonight?”
“Bernard Kalb. A great under-recognized designer.” (I made this up, of course, because I didn’t remember right away that I’d bought the dress at the BCBG outlet store for 1/4 the original price. How embarrassing. Also, I’d just met Bernard Kalb earlier in the evening, who claimed he’d designed a similar dress back in the 60s or something like that. Charming fellow.)

“If you could choose any movie star to play you, who would it be?”
“Renee Zellweger.”
“Oh yeah. I can see that.”