Talented DC-based performance artist Kathryn Cornelius has a show called Mind Over Manner at the Bronx River Art Center that opens on Friday. I don’t know anything about the show but if it’s anything like her past work, I highly recommend seeing it. She’ll be performing the piece at the opening party on Friday from 6 to 9 PM.

Kathryn Cornelius (Washington, DC) construes the term performance and its use in the art and business worlds to decipher the ratio between output and expression and the process by which meaning or product is siphoned from one’s individual performance. Deliverables, is a faux-vintage video that appropriates the visual language of a corporate management training seminar while referencing Erving Goffman’s text, “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” (1959) and a collection of performance measurements aptly titled, “Perfect Phrases for Setting Performance Goals” (Douglas Max & Robert Bacal, 2004). By juxtaposing two different studies on performance, Cornelius sets off a playful critique on performance art’s tenuous role within the contemporary art market. The video is further amplified by the sculpture and performance, Do Nothing Machine, an enlarged replica of a crafty relic commonly used in the carpentry field as a beginner’s woodworking exercise and as a toy or trinket for kids. The Do Nothing Machine does what its name suggests; nothing. During the opening reception, Cornelius will operate the Do Nothing Machine in direct quotation to mainstream society’s view on contemporary art, “It doesn’t do anything…”

I know it’s been well over a month since the Miami Basel art fair, but thought I’d mention that Kathryn did a cool piece of performance down there called The Gallery Is the Massage. Her arms were so buff after three days of massaging art lovers at the Scope fair.

The Gallery is the Massage–Kathryn Cornelius

Experience the Art of Massage at Scope Miami Beach.

Renowned for the artistry of her healing touch, Miss Kathryn Cornelius will be on hand to work your body, mind and spirit into a state of deep relaxation. Using a custom, multi-sensory approach to awakening the inner light within us all, she will guide you towards a place of balance and enlightenment. After a short self-evaluation, Miss Cornelius will select a unique blend of aromatherapy and massage techniques suited for your personal needs. During the massage you will be taken on an auditory journey by listening to a soothing collection of nature sounds, instrumental music, and special meditations instilled with uplifting messages of peace, love, and happiness. With little commitment to buy (massage services are only $1 per minute), you owe it to yourself to experience the holistic Art of Massage. Let go and indulge! Renew yourself today! Presented by curator’s office, Washington D.C. (www.curatorsoffice.com)