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One of the most hysterical shows I’ve ever seen: Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey, “Charm City’s Acrobatic Burlesque Superduo.” I haven’t laughed that hard since I can’t remember when. Please go see their show if you have the chance, but leave the squeamish and uptight at home. A couple of my favorite moments: the pine tree car air freshener pasties and the impressive Total Eclipse of the Heart lip synch. They play at the Warehouse theater every month and various other gigs in between. See for a listing of upcoming shows.

Gina Schaefer (who owns “a few cool hardware stores” in Logan Circle, Glover Park, and Tenleytown) and several of her community-minded, professional woman friends have banded together to form Ms. Manor. They have pledged to raise $145,000 to build a house for Habitat for Humanity by Mothers Day 2007. You can help them raise money by going to their website and donating money to sponsor one of the items necessary to building the home, i.e., a light fixture or grout or a kitchen cabinet.


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(Don’t send me any snippy emails about this. It’s SUPPOSED to be ironic!)

Wigged out!

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Just a couple of blonds having more fun at Norissa’s annual Wigs and Velvet holiday cookie party (no cookies, but lots of wine).

I almost mistook Norissa for Brit Brit!


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One of the many super cool people I met in Miami was Nelson Loskamp. He is an artist who also happens to be a hairdresser. He does a piece of performance art he calls electric chaircut wherein he binds a volunteer to a chair, covers his or her eyes and mouth with tape, and cuts the person’s hair using scissors that are mic’d for sound and the sound is amplified through speakers strapped to Nelson’s waist and back. He’s very charismatic and charming and apparently people will stand in long lines to have their hair cut by him. It makes for excellent sound art. You can watch a video of his performance at

Art Basel Miami

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Me and my favorite artist: Adam Stennett. Here we are hanging out at the Raleigh Hotel where a bunch of us nobodies crashed an exclusive party hosted by Jeffrey Deitch lauding a new documentary about Andy Warhol. All the Grey Goose you could drink and lots of beautiful people who I felt like I should have recognized but didn’t. As other friends arrived, Adam and I would go to the velvet rope and talk them in. Wink. Smile. Nudge. I think the key to this game is simply to be nice to the keepers of the velvet rope; I suspect they get so much snooty attitude throughout the night that they appreciate a little respect.

The Raleigh, like most of the big hotels, had a private beach and large pool. We staked out an area where we could put our toes in the sand and talk to each other under starlight and tiki torches, and easily access the free Grey Goose tent.

Here’s Mendi and me lounging at the Delano. I think we look pretty comfortable in this uber-swank environment. A bunch of us met at the Delano on Friday night for drinks before a late dinner. It was an impromptu cocktail party that was a great kick-off to the weekend’s events. While waiting for a cab in front of the hotel, we got to see Martha Stewart and her entourage emerge from the requisite big, black chauffeured SUV. Only the declasse ride around in actual limos anymore. Puh-leeze. Sniff.

We bought this painting called Godspeed #2 from Dust Gallery at the Scope Art Fair. The artist Lisa Stefanelli has had solo shows at Mark Moore Gallery and Pierogi and has been been collected by The Albright Knox Museum. Not a bad resume. She paints with car enamel, which creates a beautiful, shiny, clean surface. Do you think her experience as a figure skater has influenced her drawing in any way?

We also bought a piece by Patrick Wilson called Fall Bloom. Don’t have an image of it yet but it fits well with our collection, which seems to lean toward lots of moody color.

We just bought this piece from Project 4. It’s by everyone’s favorite clay and dirt genius, Margaret Boozer. Called Crop Rotation, this work will be included in the 2007 NCECA Clay National Biennial Exhibition at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.


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Ok, I promised myself early on that I wouldn’t do it, but now I’ve gone and done it. Pictures of my cat. Isn’t he adorable?

I spent Thanksgiving this year as a castaway! Here’s my mom foraging for food on our little island paradise. She eked out a meal for us and we were able to survive the afternoon until a rescue boat saw our smoke signals and returned us to civilization. Thawing the turkey was not a problem this year.

Went to Moet’s “Be fabulous!” party at kstreet lounge on Thursday, thanks to invitation from my buddy Robert Neill. I got to hang out with the hottest guys there. Of course, the hottest guys there were the gays–typical. Free champagne flowed (my favorite libation!) and it was fun to partake of the clubby scene, a change of pace from my usual less fabulous haunts!