Bachelorette party weekend revelers at Cowboy Ciao. Two pregnant ladies
and only one person without a husband, fiance, or boyfriend.

A couple weekends ago, I went to Scottsdale for Allison Cohen’s bachelorette party weekend. You ask, why would we go to Scottsdale? I wondered the same thing until I got there. We stayed in Allison’s friend Emily’s parents huge, beautiful home vacation home with an infinity pool and various other luxuries. Emily arranged for a mobile spa to come to the house for a day. They set up massage tables, facial stations, and hand and foot treatment areas, and we ten girls rotated around in our white robes, drinking champagne.

Some funny moments:

1. We took Southwest Airlines and ended up with a young, drunk guy between me and Carolyn. She was giving him the look of death the whole time so he left her alone. I was much friendlier and we actually had a funny conversation. Except it kept taking strange turns. For example, at one point, he turned to me and asked, “Do you want to make out with me in the bathroom?”

2. When we were at Six, a snazzy New York style club, a group of guys came over to talk to us because they thought we “looked smart.” Of course, compared to the other women there, it was a huge compliment. But you know, as Mindy said when I told her this story, sometimes, dammit, you want to be objectified as a sex object! Turns out they were orthopedic surgery residents in town for a conference.

3. When I was going through my wallet the next day looking for something, I found two business cards from people I barely remember. This is what happens when you have bottle service.