Our halloween costumes didn’t make the huge, hilarious splash that I thought they’d make. It took much prodding before people figured out who Mendi and I were. I realize that our costumes were a bit subtle. But look at the baby dolls. Why would we be carrying these particular looking dolls?? Think. Think. (At least Kyle and Mike’s costumes were lamer than ours.)

It was fun seeing my volleyball buddies Kyle Jackson and Mike Frizzell (see goofy guys tossing red ball in the background in the first picture) at a party in Mt. Pleasant. Kyle and Mike were among my first friends when I moved to DC in 2001. We met playing volleyball on the sand courts behind the Lincoln Memorial on a steamy July 4. After that, a bunch of us diehard volleyball players met every Tuesday after work for pick-up games, playing until we could barely see the ball anymore. Then we’d head over to the Froggy Bottom for beer and pizza and trash talk. Kyle and Mike were my favorite spikers! It was fun crushing them on the court every week.

After the party at Mike’s house, we went to Bardeo to wish Parker a happy birthday. Happy birthday, Parker! You don’t look a day over 32!

Later in the evening, Chip Taylor and Mark Rickling showed up unannounced. I always run into them in the darndest places. I have been to Bardeo only once before and I think that was at least five years ago. Dominique was also with us and I have an excellent picture of her with an enormous plastic pumpkin we found on Irving Street but I can’t get the image to load up for some reason. Damn blogger.