After weeks of excruciating waiting, my little pink Buddy finally arrived. I’ve named her Gidget, an homage to its vivid hue and to surfing, of course. It’s been so much fun and convenient to drive around town and SO easy to park, which is the main reason why I got her. I just pull up on the sidewalk in front of wherever I am going and lock the wheel. Haven’t used the chain much because it is unwieldy. I figure I have theft insurance so might as well not worry. Plus I figure it’s usually men who are going to steal scooters and men are less likely to steal a pink scooter. And a pink scooter would stick out more if the thief ever wanted to use the scooter.

I’ve also taken my first passenger for a ride. I managed it alright but what a difference it was to haul an extra 170 pounds on the back. Accelerating from a complete stop was more difficult and turns were a little trickier, but I got the hang of it after a couple rides.

The one thing that I did not expect is how much attention I would get while riding around on the scooter. I knew it would turn heads. Why else would I buy a scooter in such a color? Dave calls it the Barbie Scooter. It has also been likened to bubble gum, cotton candy, and pepto bismol. But I had no idea that it would get such an overwhelming response!

At stoplights, people roll down their windows to ask me questions about the scooter. As I am driving down the street, people wave and point and smile and shout things like, “Cute scooter” or “How much does it cost?!” or “I like your scooter!” Today, a middle-aged, balding white guy sweating in his long-sleeved button-down shirt and tie exclaimed, “Cute scooter!” A younger guy on a creme colored Piaggio (boring) pulled up next to me at a stoplight and asked me all kinds of questions before the light turned green. A few nights ago, I parked her outside Al Crostino, where I was meeting Alissa and Sara for dinner. While we were waiting for our table, we had to sit in the window seat and were able to watch people stop and admire Gidget as they walked by. Several people I know have texted or emailed me to let me know they saw a vision in pink whiz by and they figured it was me. So far, I haven’t seen another one like it so it’s likely to be me. She’s a head turner alright.