One of the key reasons for buying a scooter was to allow me to wear my cute shoes more often. You see, in the past, whenever I went out anywhere, I typically walked. I like to walk, and I am too cheap to take a cab. However, cute shoes make walking any distance difficult so I always ended up wearing flip flops or comfy shoes, which are not usually attractive. (For example, Chip Lunde calls my beloved Dansko clogs “lesbian shoes,” which equates to “not cute.”) Now, I can wear my scooting shoes (sensible, close-toed shoes for safety) while riding Gidget, and when I arrive at my destination, I change into my cute shoes, which I have conveniently stored in the storage compartment under the seat. In the picture above, I have just changed into my cute shoes and am about to stow my sensible shoes in the seat.

This picture was taken at 21P where our friend Bob Bagnall was celebrating his 50th birthday a couple weeks ago. A friend of his was taking party pictures that night. He told us that he saw us pull up, and even though he didn’t know who we were or that we were there for Bob’s party, he took a picture of us anyway because he thought the scooter was so cool and it was a cool scene.