We hosted a Memorial Day cookout and invited a few of our favorite peeps. Card carrying Latino Mark Ricklingmixed up deliciously tart yet sweet mojitos. I think he said somebody on his mother’s side was from Puerto Rico and that qualified him for the status, and to make mojitos. He was impressed that I had Havana Club mojito glasses “imported” from Cuba, as well as assorted mojito stirrers “borrowed” from various Havana bars.

At the end of the evening, only a few were left lounging on the terrace and playing a game in which each person answered one question from each of the others in the circle. Thankfully, I came to the game late and did not have to answer many questions and was able to avoid answering them even when it was my turn. However, the questions were usually more revealing of the person asking than the person answering. For example, Dave asked Jeannie: “What does the role of regret play in your life?”

Soteri asked me how I felt about the phrase: everything happens for a reason. A total softball because he already knew what I thought about it. Everything happens for no reason. Jeannie was our collective therapist and our role model for living. She’s designed her life for her own happiness and to satisfy herself and no one else. Nicole’s impatience with the mundane is even greater than mine!

The slivered, smiling moon hung from the end of the Metropolis crane. The unseasonably warm day kicked off what I think will be a long and lazy summer. A feast of ribs and chicken and other picnic fare settled into our tummies. Music filled the evening air that had been cooled by a stiff 8th floor breeze. Candle light flickered at our feet. Time slowed.

Parker said she couldn’t think of a recent time when she’d been truly happy and I suggested maybe she’d look back on that night and smile happily.