This year’s art party featured the sculptures of our good friend and medalist Chris Tousimis. Weeks of preparation culminated in a raging party that felt like THE place to be in DC that night. Chris sold several pieces and got lots of exposure from people who might be able to help him show his work in the future. The party also got a short write-up on the DC Style blog ( And even Linda Cropp came by for a glass of wine!

Our lovely hosts: Andrew, Martin, Soteri, Me, and Dave. Note the fabulous Missoni dress and hair by Yusuf Baptiste of Nimbus.

This is a view from Martin and Andrew’s terrace. The orange piece was the most popular one of the night.

After a long day of campaigning, Linda Cropp still exuded energy into the night. Soteri stuck his foot in his mouth when he told her that she had a pretty smile (nice) and that she looked much better in real life than in pictures (ouch). I think she is charming person who cares about the welfare of our city and who has the knowledge and ideas to continue the extraordinary improvements that have taken place over the past few years.